52 Weeks of Mail

52 Weeks of Mail

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Farmer's Markets

To do, or not to do...that is the question. I've been pondering whether to venture out into the Farmer Market world to sell my cards. So I decided to do some research today...googled 'Farmer's Markets Ohio' and came up with a nice list. Of course I know nothing ABOUT those markets. If they are busy, expensive, take non-food venders....etc. I e-mailed the ones near me and am waiting back for info. The only one I did hear from was Grafton's (I know, who knew that my little town has a Farmer's Market!!) and unfortunetly they don't do non-foods. But she did say she'll contact the councilman to see if he'll consider broadening the market this year. So we'll see.

I tried to go on the Cleveland Handmade forum on Etsy.com to get their opinions, havent' heard much back from that either...oh well. Mabye when the weather gets nice, me and the family will pack into our card and take a little adventure to all the nearby ones. See what the foot traffic is like and talk with the vendors. I still need to bulk up my inventory before I do this anyways. I'm slowly adding to my collection.

Take a gander at my new ones :)