52 Weeks of Mail

52 Weeks of Mail

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Wedding Invites

For the first time I was approached to do Wedding Invitations. To say I was nervous would be an understatement! Thank goodness it was one of my best friends that I have known since I was 5 years old. Of course, there is a different kind of pressure when it's someone you know.

She was getting married on Valentine's Day so she wanted to go with a 'love' theme. Her fiance wanted the invites to look a little bit like Valentine's...so she came to my house and we designed them.

I tried to be as exact in what we designed but there were some challenges. The first one was that the design called for the card to open from bottom to top (instead of the normal left to right). I couldn't find paper tall enough to accomplish this. Plus it was supposed to open, then open again....so it was super tall! I didn't know how I was supposed to get this through my printer, even if I found paper tall enough.

The second challenge was getting the Heart cut out in the middle of the card. I needed a whimsical heart. At first I bought a punch for my Epic Six. When I got it home I realized it wouldn't work. And not only did I need a whimsical heart , I needed the exact same heart in a smaller size for the response cards. I finally realized that my Cricut had a perfect heart, and with the Cricut I can make the heart be from 1 inches to 5 inches. Perfect!

I went to Archiver's and they were so helpful. I went during a winter storm, so I was the only one there. She sympathized with me because she had done 6 friends Wedding Invitations. She looked at my copy of the design and showed me how to implement it! I bought everything I needed there, even though I could have gotten the materials cheaper somewhere else, because I feel good customer service deserves rewarding.

After many hours (and many of my tools: my cricut, my printer, my xyron machine, my Shimmer Mist, my edge rounder punch...) the invites were complete! She was very pleased with the invites and response cards. :) I was happy to put these invites to bed!

But last week I get a message from her saying that they are unfortunately postponing the wedding!! Oh dear. I guess the invites that I put to bed got out of bed!! LOL So now she needed me to somehow fix the invites and response cards. The invites were easy for me to figure out. Before I went to Archiver's I went to JoAnne's and got a pack of 12X12 white paper that I Shimmer Misted before I realized the paper was too thin for the invites. So all I need to do to fix the invitations is to cut the paper the correct size to cover the bottom part of the invite and run that through my printer and then adhere over the wrong info. No one will be able to tell that there is another layer underneath, and the paper is already Shimmery so I don't even have to waste time or money doing that.

Now the response cards were a different story. I mean, response cards are basically just the date on when you need them back. She told me to just use white out ('gasp'!)!!! Ummmm, no. So I decided to use the thinner white paper that is already shimmery and run it through my printer, then butt it up agains the red strip of paper. It will actually turn out to look better I think.

Now I just need to implement them! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Who doesn't resolve to do something better in the New Year? This year Happy Elephant Designs resolves to make more time in creating, experimenting, and playing. Because I also watch kids during the day, I need to start creating more in the evening. It's nice that my Mom watches my daughter on Wednesday's and sometimes Tuesdays....but I need to start utilizing my nights and weekends so I can get more cards into the shops.