52 Weeks of Mail

52 Weeks of Mail

Monday, June 8, 2009

Closer look at my workspace

So here's the second part to my blog about organizing my workspace. As you can see, I reuse alot of things I had laying around the house and repurposed them to hold other things! Hope it helps you guys out a little. :)

I got this at Home Depot...it's supposed to hold nuts and bolts!

but I put all my embellishments in them (in alphabetically order)

I repurposed this box to hold my more frequently used adhesives

A top view of my stash of adhesives

These are two little containers I put my thread

A top view of my thread

A tin box I got with something I bought a long time ago...now I keep all my word chipboards.

As you can see I Xyron'd the chipboard so it's already for me to use when I feel the need.

These are the repurposed boxes I used to keep my thread in as a child...now it holds my buttons.

This came with a set I bought on QVC, now I use it to hold my spillover of buttons. It was made to orginally hold something else.

My button box closed up.

I can't remember where I got this clear plastic case from...but it was like the thing above, came with something else and I repurposed it to hold my many embellishments!

I have alphabet transfer, tiny buttons, flower buckles, metal party hats.....it goes on and on :)

And these little plastic tins come right out!

I bought these at Michael's I think.

They hold my ribbons now....

And one holds all my alphabets.

I put all the A's in one compartment, B's in another...that way when I need a letter I don't have to go searching.

This is where I store my stamps. I had these trays as a little girl too, don't remember what I kept in them.

but what's nice about them is that they accordian (or spin) so that I can access the bottom ones. They also lift off of each other if need be. I stamped all the stamps in a notebook, though, so I could see them all at a glance.

where I keep my sharp little scissors that I use all the time, my pens, chapstick, little eraser...

this is like the first picture, but littlier drawers. I keep all my embellishements here that i use the most....

...like mini brads

just another pic of my most frequently used things.

This is a standing plastic folder that I got at Orential Trading Magazine for really cheap. This one holds all the projects I'm working on, my notebook that has all my ideas in, the stamp notebook with all my stamp pics in.

These ones hold my 8 X 10 papers that I got at Hollo Papercrafts (this awesome store that sells paper by the pound so you can get TONS of papers for only a couple bucks. And they have great texture and heft to them)

these ones hold my 12 X 12 papers. Put in a rainbow order.

this is a filing cabinet one of parents had laying around....

...it now holds my 8 X 10 pics in rainbow order....

and the bottom drawer has folders with things like "seasons", or 'Halloween" papers, in alphabetical order

an old plastic container with drawers. As you can see it has my scissors, glue, .....

closer look of a drawer

an according folder that holds my 12 X 12 scraps

an inside view

this is how I hold my ribbons that came on a spool thingy . I got this at Joann Fabrics I think

closer look at my ribbons

this used to be my mom's cookie jar. Now it holds my silk flowers!

this is a tin container I got as a gift. It had lotions in it...i use it to hold my fabric paints!

This is a shoebox I use to hold the envelopes I got for free at Hallmark and American Greeting (did you know they will give you envelops for FREE!)

A basket my mom had that now holds all my envelopes

baskets I got at Michaels on sale. They hold my inks, chalk, some projects, pictures....

closer look inside the basket of inks and chalk

another old plastic container drawer. It now holds my pens and punches.

where I keep all my scrapbooks and idea books


  1. Wow! Makes me realize how little I have in the way of supplies! Congrats on the makeover!

  2. Isn't Hollo's the BEST store!!! I love that place!!! Good job on the makeover!!


  3. Ha! Whenever I see spaces like this I think my husband has little to complain about for how many (actually how few) supplies I have! He thinks I have so much!

  4. I agree with Heather. My husband thinks I have a ton of stuff, but, clearly, I need more. :) I wish I had a Hollo. It sounds like a wonderland. BTW, I didn't know American Greetings and Hallmark gives away envelopes for free. How do you go about this?

  5. Love your clever workspace ideas, I checked out your Etsy shop too! Beautiful cards, I love your idea to list the cards you sold before, I may borrow that one from you. Small tip from me, I used to keep my card stock in the same containers you keep yours in, I read that it ruins your card stock. When I moved mine into stackable trays I saw some were allready showing damage. It bends the cardstock so it won't lay flat, it gets a slight permanent curl to it. It also will start to disentegrate the edges. So I also started to store my stock of finished cards flat also. (I now lay the cards flat in the old vertical storage folders and stack the folders on their sides on top of each other). Good luck with your sales you really make lovely cards.

  6. You are doing a great job with the organizing. I I really need to get busy doing something like this with my stuff too. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog as well and leaving such a nice comment.

  7. Followed your link from the "workspace thread" on Etsy and I am MAJORLY impressed! I am now inspired to start working on getting my office in tip top shape. haha. I don't know how long that will take, but it's something I've been thinking about for a while now and after reading this blog, I'm going to GO FOR IT! :D

    Thanks and Good luck with your bizz! :D

    Regina in Texas

    Blog - vivatregina.blogspot.com
    Shop - vivatregina.etsy.com

  8. Wow - wow, is all that comes to my mind right now. Had to comment on a few details. . .love the ribbon displayed like that. I have something similar, but yours is neater.

    Amen to the Hollo's shoutout. I live in Texas, but am from Cleveland-area, Ohio and hit it whenever I can. I have also been know to send my mom there.

    Also, glad to see you've got letters organized by A,B,C. I used to alwyas keep them by chipboard set, but once I went to having all the A's together, it was so much better.

  9. Holy Moly! Fantastic and thank you for sharing. Organization seems to be my joy and my nemesis. In a way I wish my work space was in our family room, then I would be forced to be so neat. I have a nice big room to which I can just CLOSE THE DOOR which is both great and terrible. I love to organize my stuff and I am constantly trying to improve but am never exactly forced too. We are hoping to move soon and my studio will have to relocate, my goal is to get everything sorted to the extent your is so that I have an easy stress-free relocation so that I can get to work as soon as we move. And this Hollo place sounds awesome, dang we are not moving in that direction but it sounds like a field trip is in order.